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The College currently has a maximum allowable roll of 650 students.

Completed enrolment application forms should be presented to the College office, together with all the requested supporting documents. If applying for a preference enrolment, a Preference Certificate in the name of Pompallier Catholic College must be provided (see section on Preference Enrolments).

Letters advising parents of the acceptance or non-acceptance of their children for the following year will be sent out by the start of Term 4.


The College welcomes enrolment applications during the year for students who have recently moved into Whangarei, or for those wishing to change from their current school. Enrolments will be accepted at the discretion of the Principal (after an interview) and are subject to places being available. To download an enrolment application form, please click on the link below:

Enrolment Application Form
Digital Devices in School Student Acceptable Use Agreement

Alternatively, if you would like an Enrolment Application form for this year posted to you, please request this by clicking on the following link:

Request Application Form


To download a copy of our information booklet for 2014, please click on the link below (this may take a few minutes to download):

2014 Enrolment Information


The College has a Pre-Enrolment form which families can complete to advise us of their proposed intention of enrolling their child at our College in a future year (i.e: 2015 onwards). Please contact the College Office if you would like a copy of this form posted to you.